Adoptive Families:

SEWAS recognises that adoptive families benefit from belonging to the adoption community. We want you to feel that we are there alongside you on your journey enabling you to access the right support and link in with each other. We would like you to see us as part of your support network. Parenting can be challenging at times and we want to help you and your family have the most positive experience of adoption. This can be through training, sign-posting, consultations, support groups and of course helping children understand their story. Through our Adoption Support Team, we offer a life-long commitment to families.

A Duty social worker is available Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

This leaflet explains the variety of support available and how to access it:

Post Adoption Contact

Contact post-adoption is often promoted as letterbox exchanges between adoptive family and birth family/significant others. SEWAS provides support to all people involved in letterbox and coordinates the exchanges ensuring all letters are safe and appropriate.

Adoption UK- 1000 Days

Adoption UK are currently running a lottery funded project to help support any adopter in Wales for the first 1000 days of their adoption journey. They will provide the following support free to each adoptive family;  

  • Advice and support via telephone or email
  • Training courses on topics such as Life Journey Work, Education and Contact
  • Family days for adoptive families
  • Local community groups, including ‘early days’ groups
  • One-to-one support during tricky times
  • A wealth of other information and resources

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service then please visit their website to sign up today-

Birth Families:

When the plan for a child includes adoption, birth parents and other relatives affected by this are offered and entitled to support. Birth family can access support, if this is something they want or need to help them through the adoption process or after the adoption has taken place. The worker from adoption support is independent of the child’s social worker and can offer advice, information and help on an individual basis.

Here is a leaflet that explains some of the support we can offer:

This link has some more detailed information on the adoption process and what it means for birth parents.

If you are pregnant and considering adoption as an option this information leaflet may help with some questions you may have.

Adopted Adults:

Deciding to look into your birth and adoptive history can be one of the biggest
decisions of your life. We are here to support you. Please see the link below to find out more information.