Our children

We have lots of children waiting with various needs and experiences. We are looking for families for children most commonly as young as 6 months and as old as 8 years. We want to find families for only children as well as brothers and sisters of two, three or four siblings.

Here are some example profiles based on real children we have found adoptive families for.


Anna is a four year old girl who was previously exposed to a chaotic, unstable and violent lifestyle. Anna is an incredibly bright and intelligent child. Anna is a confident child who enjoys attention from adults but does not understand ‘stranger danger yet’.

Anna can be a very loving child who will seek physical affection from her carer and clearly enjoys this interaction. Anna is a helpful child and enjoys helping out.

Anna is thriving in school and is competent in the English language as well as the Welsh language. Anna enjoys dancing, singing and is also in the process of learning to play netball. Anna is very talkative and is demanding of your time and attention. Anna likes routine and struggles if things are cancelled or if plans are changed at short notice.

Anna is a bright child who is perceptive and attuned to what is happening around her, who is able to pick up on new things quickly. Anna requires a loving and secure home with carers who are patient and are willing to support Anna to overcome the difficulties she has experienced.

Steven, Ben & James

Steven (5 ½ years), Ben (3 years 10 months) and James (9 months) are three gorgeous, bubbly and loving boys.

Steven and Ben came into care almost a year ago, around a month later, James came into care as well, straight after his birth. They have been placed together since this time with their current foster carers; all three in this time have built warm and affectionate relationships with their foster carers.

Steven is full of character and can light up a room with his smile. Steven finds it difficult to engage in play on his own, due to his developmental delay but loves adult interaction, such as playing football in the garden and being read stories. Steven can struggle to interact with other children and prefers being with adults. Steven is behind his peers academically and socially at school and has extra one-to-one support in class.

Ben is very active, playful and loves nothing more than playing in the garden on the climbing frame. Ben struggles to communicate verbally although is able to indicate when he is thirsty, hungry or needs the toilet; Ben is receiving support from speech therapy. Ben is currently attending afternoon sessions in nursery and loves interacting with the other children.

James is a happy and healthy baby boy who has been in foster care since birth. James was removed at birth to ensure he didn’t experience the same neglectful parenting as that of his older siblings. James is making excellent progress in line with all appropriate milestones for his age. He is laughing, kicking his legs when excited, has recently started trying to roll over when led on the floor and loves watching Steven and Ben play.

Chris & Jack

Chris (4) and Jack (2 ½) are two adorable, bubbly and loveable children.
Chris and Jack came into care 6 months ago and have remained with their current caregivers since this time. During this time Chris and Jack have started to build warm and caring relationships with their foster carers. The boys were removed from their parent’s care due to issues of parental substance misuse and poor mental health, with parents being unable to consistently meet the children’s needs.

Chris is attending nursery and his speech and language has improved significantly since being accommodated with his current foster carers. Chris is a sensitive, loveable, funny little boy. He is a happy and lovable child, he is always smiling and ready for a cuddle and a giggle.

Jack is a loving, happy child who smiles and laughs often and loves the attention of adults. Jack is often observed to be smiling and can sometimes be mischievous. Jack is always ready to have fun and rarely gets upset. Jack is developmentally delayed and so the foster carers are being supported by Jack’s health visitor and other professionals to help him catch up with his peers.